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Think Jesus can’t be a part of your school? Think again. It’s up to you.

What is Christian Learning Centers?

Christian Learning Centers of Greenville County exists to provide biblical instruction to school-aged children as an opportunity to encourage them to embrace the Gospel of Jesus Christ, grow in the Christian faith, and apply biblical principles for living.

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How Can You Elect Jesus?

How In-Person Released-Time Programs Work

All high school students may enroll in one general elective course offered by CLC per semester, across two semesters of their high school years.

CLC online Bible courses are held DAILY for 90 days beginning the first day of the first or second semester.

CLC offers accredited High School Bible courses that are conducted online, which may at times include in-person attendance with CLC leaders at an off-site location no more than a 4 to 8-minute drive from the school. When necessary, CLC is responsible for transportation to and from the Released-Time classroom site. Students will be returned to school promptly for their next school class.

Released-Time Bible courses are taught by certified Bible instructors employed by CLC. The instructors use a curriculum focused on basic Biblical truth and principles for living a rewarding Spirit-filled life.

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