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Thank you for your interest in Christian Learning Centers of Greenville County. Whether you want to know more about our organization, volunteer positions, or how to enroll your student into our Released-Time program, you will find it here.

Regular Volunteer Positions

each position only requires one day a week.


Program Coordinator:  Serves as leader of a Released-Time (RT) volunteer team. Ensures that CLC policies, guidelines, and procedures are followed. Attends orientation/training sessions. Helps CLC leaders with student recruitment. Promotes RT. Leads volunteer team in serving a school and its school faculty in creative ways. Takes charge of recording student attendance and volunteer hours. Is responsible for all CLC materials used in the RT class.

Teacher:  Prepares and presents Bible lessons in the RT class. Maintains classroom discipline. Engages students in the lesson and other classroom activities. Demonstrates Christ-like attitude. Is dependable. Uses Bibles in the classroom. Establishes a safe learning environment for RT students.

Assistant: Assists RT teacher as needed including handling classroom discipline. Is prepared to escort students to and from the RT class. Leads small group discussions. Listens and interacts with students. Follows up on student absences. Serves as bus rider and monitor.

Driver: Transports students safely to and from RT class. Has valid driver's license and acceptable driving record. A CDL license is a plus but not required.

Please note: Our students are only served by individuals who profess faith in Jesus Christ, the Son of God. Their lifestyles and speech exemplify this profession. S.L.E.D and/or national background check required. Detailed job descriptions available in CLC office.


Community & Office Volunteer Positions

each position requires a few hours and is flexible


Church liaison:  Introduces CLC representatives to the leadership of your church. Arranges an opportunity for the representative to make a ministry presentation to your church. Keeps your church informed about the ministry of the Christian Learning Centers; also, keeps CLC informed about your church (staff changes, prayer needs, etc.). Refers potential volunteers if they are interested in the ministry. Brings a delegation of ten people from your church to the CLC's Annual Friends and Fundraising Banquet.

Special events :  Assists during CLC events such as Annual Friends and Fundraising Banquet (April) and Women's Power Lunch (October).

Office Assistant: Volunteers to help with mailings and general office duties. Various mailings are prepared weekly. Time commitments depends on availability.

Computer Data Entry: This volunteer works with the CLC database (adding or editing names and addresses). Training is provided. Time commitment depends on availability.

Telephone Campaigner: Yes, we all get irritated when people call us at home asking for money or trying to sell us something. That's not what we are looking for here! This volunteer works with multiple school programs. Completion of this responsibility requires several meetings, substantial coordination and follow-up activity. This volunteer will call to invite or remind individuals and/or churches to participate in various meetings of the CLC, to conducts surveys, etc. Calls are usually made and logged from the CLC office or from the volunteer's home.


Interested in volunteering? Just fill out the contact form below to set up a meeting. We look forward to seeing you.


Interested in Enrolling a Student?

Released-Time Christian Education takes the place of a related arts class. Students meet one day week beginning the second full week in September and ending in March. Groups are held off-site at nearby host churches. You can register your student online by clicking on the link.

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