This post is written by Janice Butler, Executive Director of Christian Learning Centers of Greenville County. Once a month she shares what God has placed on her heart for this ministry and our community.

This Bible verse touches one deeply, doesn’t it? It reveals the heart of Jesus, Our Savior and His deep-rooted concern for lost souls. This concern was the very thing that moved Jesus away from His place with God to take on the form of a servant – one who would make the ultimate sacrifice for an ungodly people.

Close your eyes and think with me for a minute. I want you to see in your mind’s eye what I envisioned today. First, imagine you see thousands upon thousands of public school children standing together looking hopefully your way. Then, there is a quick change in the image. Next, you notice that some of the children’s countenances begin to change. There is hopelessness in their eyes, and they are reaching out to you almost as though they are pleading. Sadly, you continue to watch as I did. Then suddenly – a new vision! It appears that they children who had been reaching out to you begin to reach toward heaven. They cry out in painful sounds that only their Maker can hear as the enemy moved them swiftly towards a large pit of destruction.

Unsettling, wouldn’t you say? Well, even with that being the case, this vision is a spiritual one. It illustrates what is actually taking place in the natural world. Children’s spiritual lives are at stake. It would be good if we could never get this vision out of our minds. It would be good if we would ask God (on a regular basis) to move us to Jesus-like compassion. In that way, our compassionate focus for lost children – children who Satan wants to devour — will cause us to fall on our faces before the Lord of the Harvest to plead for more laborers in His harvest.

Maybe (just maybe) your burden for lost souls will lead YOU to join our number as we move urgently to share God’s Word with students of every middle and high school by Year 2020 through the Released-Time Christian Education program. If so, call me at 864-242-2326 or send me an email at janice@clcofgreenville.org.

My Prayer Today: Lord, our God. You are the One who sees us and has compassion on us. We praise you and exalt your name today and forever. Thank you for your mercy and your salvation. Thank you for opening our eyes to see the spiritual condition of our children. We praise you, the Lord of the Harvest, for you are the One to send laborers. It is You who impresses upon our hearts so that we are moved with compassion for people without a shepherd. Send laborers, Dear Lord, and please send them quickly. Finally, Father, help us to do your bidding while it is still day for we know that the night is coming. We pray for this Jesus’ sake and in His Name. Amen


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